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The female employee who found the camera gave it to Castillo only after he claimed that it had a GPS tracker, according to the lawsuit.

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The employee claims that when he came out of the restroom, she observed Castillo frantically running around telling fellow workers that a customer called to say they left a small recording device in the bathroom, the lawsuit says.Her family would later discover, based on its own private investigation, that a steward on the ship had allegedly reported her missing shortly into the trip to no avail and that most of her belongings had been disposed of, Kendall Carver said based on information from a deposition of the steward the family’s lawyers arranged.Among the belongings that were lost was a brown envelope, the contents of which are still unknown, Carver said.She handed the camera over to the general manager who was on duty that day.But the general manager didn't turn the camera over to police, but instead took it home, the lawsuit says.