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In England, it looks like a different world – the people admire the player, but also respect the player.” Barcelona will always have a special place in Krkic’s heart and he sounds genuine when he insists that he has no regrets about his time there.

“The more you play, you get a better rhythm and play better,” he says.

It is a conversation that would have been unimaginable not so long ago, when Krkic was the boy who had it all.

Schooled at Barcelona’s La Masia academy from the age of eight, he was the classic child prodigy.

The players used to have a lot of confidence, things simply worked themselves. But definitely that was the perfect game, because we won 5-0 against Real Madrid.” Four years on That was the back end of November 2010.

Four years on and Krkic is preparing for Burnley’s visit to the Britannia Stadium on Saturday.