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The download process will now start and you will see the progress bar on the PC to STB window.

ON the receiver you will see D00, D10, D20, etc; when programming the software the display will change to P10, P20, P30 Please do not switch off the receiver until you see END on the front display. Now power off from the rear, reconnect to your TV and aerial (if applicable) and power on the PVR.

The Humax website is confusing with the 9300T download instructions, but the above is from 9200 model which is clearer.

The humax will not upgrade from standby it must be powered on precisely as above.

The next-gen You View UI is rendered in HTML 5, rather than Adobe Flash, and I noticed lots of cute visual refinements (such as transparencies and animations) in my time with the new platform.

This is the first time that we've delivered a service as complicated as BBC i Player onto a normal, household set top box or TV set, and we initially restricted the beta to a closed group of users.Naturally we're interested in finding out about your experiences using the service - hopefully all good however if you have any problems, we'd also like to know as well. Download 2 files, Software Download 9300T_apps_1.00.23or latest file.You'll also need to connect your set top box to your broadband connection - visit Freesat's website for detailed instructions, which also contains a help video as well.Once your box is connected, to access BBC i Player you just need to: After a few seconds, BBC i Player will appear on screen.