Updating a powerpoint slide

Microsoft Power Point comes with professionally designed templates to help you create a consistent presentation look.

A template is a presentation file that consists of one or more slide masters.

In case you are have issues converting existing Power Points to the updated templates. How to convert your Power Point Presentation to a new template 1. Instead, click below the button on the small arrow next to the text label reading “New Slide.” 3.

Select and download the correct Power Point template. You will then see a thumbnail image of all of the slide masters available in the template; at the very bottom, select “Reuse Slides.” 4.

A thumbnail image of all of your original slides will appear in the Reuse Slides box. Use the right click of your mouse on any one of the original slide thumbnails and select “Insert All Slides.” 8.

Your original slides will be updated appearing as new slide pages in the new Power Point presentation template. Most standard text slides will convert automatically to the new format.

This course explains the basic principles of adult learning and offers practical tips for meeting the needs of those you may be training.A slide master is the part of a template that contains all of the properties of your Power Point presentation—slide layouts, themes, effects, animation, backgrounds, text font style and color, date and time, and graphic placement.Each slide master contains one or more slide layouts, which defines the positioning and formatting of content on a slide.Author Jess Stratton also offers in-depth advice for working with Excel data in Power Point, including how to embed charts into slides, embed an entire spreadsheet as an object, and dynamically update text from Excel in a slide. This course qualifies for professional development units (PDUs).To view the activity and PDU details for this course, click here.