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With these new modes of intimacy and community cultivation, though, comes a whole new set of concerns and inquiries.

This deviation from segregating people based on a particular identity tenet – like sexual orientation – is productive and inclusive. I call this queer-friendliness a ‘gesture’, though, due to the site’s marginalizing and ‘Othering’ effect upon queer users as well as when considered within a queer logic.

It was not a mechanism that allowed or encouraged me to blend my physical reality or even my identity in the physical real in any significant way with my virtual identity or social experience.

For me, the internet in the late 90s was a space for toying with authenticity and identity.

OKCupid certainly resides within the popular imaginary in terms of digital dating and social networking sites, as Time magazine ranked the site in its “Top 10 Dating Sites” article in 2007 with over 3 million active users today.

The site prides itself on its data-driven and math-driven logic in terms of matching users, as particularly expressed within the OKTrends blog component of OKCupid, which is a collection of observations and statistics gleaned from the multifaceted activities of the site’s users.