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Accommodation remained inadequate (the archbishop of Dublin sneered was searching the records in the treasury house, ‘he found by chance a piece of a roll of the Chancery of Richard the second’s time’).

Matters had scarcely improved by the eighteenth century.

A first obstacle to be negotiated was the fact that the records were scattered among several different repositories.

The whole Building is so shook by Tempests that the Clerks have quitted their Desks through fear and locked up the Office’.We gain a more realistic impression of the damage by remembering that each roll was made up of membranes of parchment.A smattering of chancery rolls appear to have been complete or near-complete in the nineteenth century, and these varied between 18 and 26 membranes in length.Back to Top The first concerted effort to bring chaos into order was undertaken by the short-lived Record Commission of Ireland, established in 1810.The records they were tasked with bringing into order were by that time in an appalling state.