Vanness wu dating arissa

Not so long ago, F4 had been the ideal embodiment of the male species, the living model of how men should be in the minds of most teenage girls.

Jerry plays a rich heir and company president who discovers one day that a one-night stand with an ordinary girl played by Tong Li Ya that he forgot about five years ago has produced an illegitimate son.Included in his past dating lists were Kelly Lin, Li Bingbing, Maggie Wu and Jiang Xinyu.It’s still yet to be seen whether his relationship with Wen Wen will last.It’s really not a wonder that he would eventually end up with Arissa in the long run.Vic Chou had been involved with several women in the past, including a makeup saleslady and a personal assistant, although his most high profile relationships were with the late Beatrice Hsu and the now married Barbie Hsu.