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There is a genre of Chinese dramas called nie lian (孽恋) which basically translates as tortured love or tormented love.It’s probably a genre that closest aligns with the makjang K-melodrama.rape, and the one that always pops into mind first is the sick drama that so many fans secretly love (恋恋不忘 Lian Lian Bu Wang which means Love Love Not Forgetting) stars the elusive TW-actor Jerry Yan with the stunningly gorgeous C-actress Tong Li Ya.This isn’t Jerry’s first C-drama as his last drama was the 2011 C-drama .

Vic Chou had been involved with several women in the past, including a makeup saleslady and a personal assistant, although his most high profile relationships were with the late Beatrice Hsu and the now married Barbie Hsu.Since breaking up with long term girlfriend Kelly Lin, hardly any of his past relationships lasted longer for more than a year.Ken Chu has been out of the limelight since deciding to leave showbiz for more then two years now, but that didn’t stop the media from losing interest with his private life. No matter how hard they try to keep their relationships out of the spotlight, the media and the public still can’t seem to lose their interest over them.The two men turn out to be secret half-brothers who hate each other because both blame each other’s mother for stealing their mutual father’s affection.When watching the preview, I got a kick out of Jerry looking hot in suits and playing a rich dickhead type of character that totally screams Dao Ming Si if he hadn’t met Shan Cai and gotten normalized early.