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If there is a comma in a cell, the cell will be left alone; otherwise, the cell will be recomposed with the word after the last space first followed by a comma, and the first names.

Sub Lastname() 'David Mc Ritchie 1999-04-09 ' cells in range in as Lastname, firstnames '--Application.

Some additional topics on this page, some are brief descriptions pointing to another page Have tried to limit the scope of Join() and Sep Term() by checking for the lastcell.

Running above code looks like gif below In the same example above, If you want to export excel data to JSON file then It can be done by opening a file for output by specifying the path of the file and printing data in it.

Calculation = xl Manual Dim cell As Range Dim c Pos As Long For Each cell In Selection.

JSON (Javascript Object Notation) is the most used data exchange format nowadays.

Without some kind of a limitation the macro subroutines would take a very long time cycling through 16384 rows in XL95, or 65536 rows in XL97 and later.

Row If i Rows Switch selected cells from "lastname, firstnames" to "firstnames lastnames" based on having a comma in position 2 or higher.

Insert Shift:=xl Up Next i 'Have flipped the rows, next step is to TRANSPOSE data with copy abc = "1:" & n Rows - 1 Range(abc).Because Rows are copy and pasted and because TRANSPOSE is used in this macro all formatting, and formulas are preserved.Part 1, Rotate the Rows Part 2, TRANSPOSE the rotated Rows for selection area -- Full rows Note: As written the selection area must include cell A1, and the original selection area is really the entire rows.This code is shorter and more efficient than the lastname macro because it was written later.Sub First Name() 'David Mc Ritchie 2000-03-23 programming ' Application.

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