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The people we choose to spend our time with, whether fillers or not, become the ones that our fill lives, so keep a refined list of Must Haves and Can’t Stands in hand at all times. Not every relationship should be abandoned when fumbling toward commitment, especially if you’ve got broad-based compatibility and things seem to be going relatively well. Relationships are unions to be monitored and assessed periodically, even after marriage.However, there comes a certain point in every long-term relationship when one partner questions where it’s going. It’s best to be on as much on the same page from Day One as Day One-Million-and-One.Tell your partner you’re feeling, how much you enjoy their company, and that while you really love what you’ve got together, you just wanted to check to see if you’re on the same page.What you’re really asking is if you both share the same relationship goals. Don’t beat a dead horse and erupt into a negative, tear-filled explosion if you don’t get the resounding “Yes, I feel the same way” immediately.

A serious, long-term commitment needs to be desired by both partners for it to work without repressed doubts and resentments undoubtedly cropping up as much larger obstacles in the future, so do express your thoughts.No amount of hoping, wishing, praying and ultimatum declaring, ladies, will make him yours ’til death do you part if he’s not there yet.Love Me Two Times: Stages of Commitment When it comes to a long-term romantic commitment there are two times in a man’s life: ready and not ready.While this joke elicits a smile even among the most committed of men, the truth is that finding the right woman is only one part of the equation.Timing is equally important, and without it love everlasting is just not in the cards.