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But we live in a time when everyone is media-savvy and anyone can be famous for fifteen minutes.The Doctrine of News, that stories merely reflect or express facts which arise in advance and would have done so whether anyone thought we might cover them or not, is showing signs of strain.According to a computer dating programme, twenty-seven-year-olds Thomas Balacco and Helen Boyer were the perfect match.The deal was, SA-FM would pay for the pair to have a luxury holiday in Bali on condition that, at the end of the week, they marry.

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Jake Lynch, correspondent based in London and Sydney for Sky News and The Independent.But our news is full of stories where such a claim would be equally difficult to sustain.There was the curious tale, conveniently arriving on a quiet August day in London, of the dyslexic child who could barely write, being offered a place at Cambridge University on the strength of essays he’d dictated into a tape recorder.By Phillip Knightley, author, The First Casualty and Hack’s Progress Chapter 4 - Media & Conflict Resolution in Greek-Turkish Relations By Neslihan Ozgunes, European Centre for Common Ground, and Georgios Terzis, Catholic University of Brussels Chapter 5 - Meaningless Statistics and Meaningful News By Paul O’Connor, producer, Undercurrents video magazine Chapter 6 - Norms By Julian Darley, Consultant Conflict & Peace Forums All contributors write in a personal capacity.To be a reporter today and try to disentangle the story from the facts is to peer into a hall of mirrors. We used to believe we left the office to respond as detached observers to events which cropped up of their own accord.