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These days, he loves nothing more than relaxing in a jacuzzi to soothe his swollen limbs - a side affect of the heart failure - but the NHS withdrew his hydrotherapy funding last year.He is currently trying to find somewhere local that will allow him to use their facilities.Dawn said: 'We would be walking along the street and he would complain that his legs were hurting.At first I just thought he was lazy but then I noticed there were certain things he couldn’t do, like cross his legs during assembly at school.'Dawn said: 'The day before we were told, the doctor rang up and told us to come in and said that I should bring someone with me. I thought it might even be cancer because his hair used to fall out so easily.'There was so little information available about progeria at that time that I basically had to teach myself everything.You could probably make a decent part-time income doing so, but getting to that point would require a good amount of blogging knowledge and experience. The idea that you can start a blog today and make a full-time income within a few months is, for most of us, simply not realistic.Like I said, you will always find exceptions to the rule, but I’ve been doing this many years and have heard many bloggers’ stories. Having said that, many more people are starting blogs these days with the sole intention of making money.

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You have to make sure you are committed and passionate about what you’re blogging about. My point is, people come about this “blogging for money” thing in so many ways. First, I don’t know of any hard numbers about blogging incomes across the board. Both years he found that most bloggers were not earning income or earning very little.As a fan of fast cars, Dean began driving lessons at 17 and passed his test first time.He then found love with a girl named Emily, who would later become his fiancee, although sadly the relationship ended earlier this year.Dawn said: 'When Dean was about six months old I noticed he was a lot smaller than he should have been.He was still wearing clothes for a 0-3-month-old baby but the health visitors told me not to worry.