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The G and L guitars, just like the older Music Man amps, are a great choice.

I would only argue that the Fender sounds much better to you than your ASAT.

I think if you are into rock, they may be a better choice.

The Classic is a better blues guitar in my opinion.

MFDs have their own sound that's pretty different from Fender alnico pickups. Would it be a good upgrade or should I wait and save for a Mia telecaster?

The best model is probably the outstanding Bluesboy with a Seth Lover humbucker at the neck. I have a squirrel telecaster with upgrade vintage noiseless pickups. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk Have a Asat Classic Tribute semihollow.

There, just behind Mary Tyler Moore, cutting the murky waters of Old Muddy with its triangular fin and tell-tale bubbly wake, she spies a swimming Shark. No, it’s just another O’Hagan guitar, making its way home to the headwaters whence it was spawned.

Even though in a printed interview Sammy Hagar once praised his red O’Hagan Flying V (he’s reputed to still own it), O’Hagan guitars are hardly a household word amongst guitar aficionados.

Especially considering my flatter fretboard preferences. The G and L guitars, just like the older Music Man amps, are a great choice.

The Tribute series guitars are extremely well built, and you could swap in new pickups if the sound didn't thrill you and still save a bundle over a Fender.

I was all set to buy a tribute ASAT last month when someone up and gave me a Tele, and that's the only reason I don't have one now.

Jerry O’Hagan, clarinetist O’Hagan guitars were the brainchild of Jerry (Jerol) O’Hagan, then of St.

Louis Park, MN, a next-door western suburb of Minneapolis.