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The black pottery of Maria Martinez offers a classic example of pottery and cultural revitalization. The thing is, when it comes to pottery history’s ‘top 10,’ the story itself is quite often where it’s at. Tags: Absalom Stedman, adobe bricks, Ceramics in America, D'Jenne, Filtron, George Orr, Maria Martinez, Mocha, Potters for Peace, Richard Bresnahan, Robert Hunter, Westerwald stoneware, William Henry Harrison Posted in Absalom Stedman, adobe bricks, Africa, Black Pottery, bricks, Ceramics in America, Community Development, contemporary ceramics, English Pottery, Europe, George Henderson, Germany, Inspiration, Latin America, Maria Martinez, New England, North America, Potters for Peace, Rhineland, Robert Hunter, salt firing, San Ildefonso, Stoneware, Transfer Print Ceramics, Trenton, Westerwald, Women potters | 1 Comment » Are David and Goliath stories true?

And the curious parallels between Richard Bresnahan’s unique wood firing process and astro-physics is fodder for an entire book in itself. Can a humble insulator be considered among the ceramic greats?

The Tang attitude seemed to be “fine, take the foreigners’ money- they actually like that vulgar stuff!

” But so much money was made that people criticized the volume of trees wasted by this work, and all the new ‘art pottery’ for elite tea ceremonies.

To answer, consider who made this specific insulator, when, and why.

Their response – tin glazes, cobalt blue, polychrome, and luster ware – set the whole story in motion. Reading: Shipwrecked, Tang Treasures and Monsoon Winds.These jars had auspicious inscriptions, often in Arabic, scrawled along their outside.Arabic was the ‘official language’ of the entire trade network connecting southern China to the Persian Gulf and beyond.Arab potters noticed Chinese stoneware encroaching into their home market.They responded by inventing a smooth white tin glaze for their own earthenware.