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The actor told ET in July he should never have slammed Josh on Twitter after discovering he wasn't invited to his wedding.In a series of since deleted tweets, Drake called out the 30-year-old actor after only discovering he'd tied the knot with Paige O'Brien via social media.'The message is clear… ALWAYS remember where you came from,' he tweeted in June.

The network did not keep the family off the air that long however, announcing just a few months later that a new show would launch that December which focused on sisters Jill and Jessa, who were both married and starting their own families.

In the wake of that scandal, and the revelation that patriarch Jim Bob did not formally report the incident to law enforcement, TLC not only cancelled the family's popular reality show 19 Kids and Counting after nine seasons but also announced that they would no longer air any past episodes of the program on the network.

Things took another turn later in the summer with the news that Josh had been having affairs and allegedly paid at least one women for sex.

He flew off to a faith-based rehab facility in September of 2015 and stayed there until April of the following year, and in the months since his return to Arkansas had managed to avoid any major scandals.

Back in the day: Josh and his wife Anna announced just days after Josh was served that they were expecting their fifth child, a son (Young Josh above with his mother and twins Janna and John in an image posted by the family earlier this month)'Jim Bob and Michelle are worried that Mc Carthy's lawyers will also depose members of their family, which means they will all be forced to talk about Josh's inappropriate sexual behavior, as well as the family's cover-up of what he did,' said one family insider.'The Duggars are scared.'That insider then noted: 'Anna does not want to be there when the family's filthiest secrets are unearthed.'More than anything said one source, Anna wants to protect her children with Josh from being impacted by any scandal.