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My first question was, "What are you going to tell your wife?" ### I could tell James was nervous when we met at the White Horse to pre-game.So far, we hadn't seen much action—just some PG-rated nuzzling and kissing between couples who'd arrived together.“I've seen hotter stuff in movies,” James groused.

Sheila's been swinging for a while, and she's since brought Mike, her widowed fiancé, into “the lifestyle” as well.“That couple is totally checking you out,” said James, confirming that the sensation I had of being watched wasn't just in my head.It was half creepy and half thrilling; I'm attractive enough, but I've never been the girl at the bar that everyone's looking at.After making out for a bit, one guy got down on his knees and began blowing the other.The guy receiving the blow job closed his eyes and leaned back, emitting little yelps of pleasure.