Lyrics to the dating game by icp dating margadon

But all the Black people who are sucking his cock should be ashamed of themselves.If it was a Black *****, they would have killed his ass.If he’s saying, ‘That’s my nigga,’ that’s different.But if you’re saying it in a negative way, I’ma think that shit is racist.Then rap and everything go out the window.” CROOKED I: “I think the dude is an incredible lyricist, but if you’re a racist, you get no support. If he’s racist like that, he gotta fall to the side.I want to see him on TV publicly apologize to Black women.” SKILLZ: “If you say the word Nigger’ out of anger and frustration and call a girl a Black bitch, I’m pretty sure you’ll say it again.I don’t really know if it will affect his career, but I think he should apologize.I just hope he doesn’t have those same views today.” FREDDIE FOXXX: “The bottom line is this: The fact that Eminem is White doesn’t have any reflection on him being a dope MC.

Despite what the Industry would tell you today, There were artists and activists who DID speak out to the Source magazine about their disapproval towards Eminem’s remarks toward Blacks: MACK 10: “White dudes can’t say [Nigga], especially if they’re saying it in a negative way.If you’re not sensitive to that, then your card is gonna be pulled.I haven’t heard the song, but I’m not in favor of White men bashing Black women.The movie became a smash hit making 8 Mile possibly one of the highest grossing box office movies throughout 2002.The Soundtrack’s lead single titled Lose Yourself was the perfect theme for not only the movie but also people whom are underdogs.