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The catchphrase for the IT age is "careless chat costs livelihoods".Sam Jain, chief executive of Web portal e Front, suffered a particularly embarrassing exposure when logs of his instant messaging sessions over the ICQ service were stolen from his workstation and posted on the Internet.An example of the security risks introduced by P2P systems has been shown through the exploits of the Gnutella worm.Although harmless in itself, the worm has implications that are disturbing because they reveal a new class of virus propagation mechanism.In some cases, the user may not be aware that their workstation is also being used as part of a P2P file-sharing network.The freely available Sharesniffer program searches the Internet for Windows hosts that have shared drives or directories that can be accessed anonymously.The legal battles over Napster's music-sharing network may have highlighted copyright issues in the peer-to-peer (P2P) community but the technical achievement behind it has also given credibility to serverless networks.But, as P2P provides a key to unlock data across corporate intranets and extranets, there are serious security issues that have yet to be addressed.

Any hosts found in this way can be used as file repositories by anyone on the Internet.In Microsoft's .net, for example, all applications on a user's workstation are capable of using tools that are stored centrally on the Internet and downloaded to the workstation when required.Imagine the havoc that could be caused by a virus that follows the mechanisms pioneered by the Gnutella worm.The ease with which these systems allow files to be shared makes it very easy for sensitive information to leak either intentionally or unintentionally out of an organisation.Inexperienced users often choose to share their complete hard drive, exposing all directories, including their cookie files and encrypted passwords which could be used by a hacker.