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Refreshing humour often interrupts the examination of these solemn themes, as all three sisters occasionally reveal a side of themselves they have suppressed or forgotten about.

It is in this versatility that all three actors in the HAT’s excellent production, directed by the talented Todd Hiscock, stand out.

As the play opens, the “wayward sister,” Agnes, tells the audience about a recurring dream: “In the dream I’m drowning. At first I hear water and I imagine it’s going to be a lovely dream.

Even though every time I dream the dream I’m drowning each and every time I dream the dream I forget.

Louise, played with perfect and admirable consistency by Jenna Lahey, is a strange, whimsical woman, more child than adult, more drawn to the fantasy of television than the hard realities of her home.

Theresa (Bonnie Mac Leod) is a nun whose “cloister” is a farm, but the thin exterior of resolution stretches over an abyss of anger and pain.

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The Tony-award winning musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is a perfect summer show, and it’s playing at the Highland Arts Theatre every Saturday through August 12th.Behind the scenes, the best orchestra I’ve heard perform at the HAT accompanies the cast in this romantic musical comedy.is very much of its time, which is to say it’s unironically sexist (and slightly sizeist).The three-time Tony Award winning musical She Loves Me tells a familiar tale: “He” falls in love with “She,” who falls in love with “He.” There is a twist, though. Though it’s set in a 1930s Hungarian town, the idea of meeting the love of your life without actually meeting them is exceptionally modern. But we still make a story up about ourselves to accompany them. They abound with selfies of duck-lipped women and men with their muscles positively gorged.