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At the last charity event Mommy raised seven hundred and forty five dollars selling my holes to her sadistic girlfriends so they could have theircruel and wicked fun. I don Jennifer Kilmer ran a finger down Bobby's chest and belly until it was hovering over the waistband of his swim suit.

I took it in the ass almost three dozen times and at least that many times down my throat. Grinning wickedly at her stepson the woman used herfingernail to trace a line down the long hard lump under the boy's tight spandexswim suit. She broke off the kiss, let go of my cock and put her hand over my mouth.

So I know pain and this guy Brian that my Mom was making me fuck with my super hard dick wasnt care. His knees buckled and Mom spun him around so he was bent over the coffee table. And pulled his balls down so he had to get on his knees. She had that dreamy look on her face when she finally pulled out of Brian. She giggled when a wet spot appeared at the bulging top end of that deliciouslooking lump. Cyndi marveled how her friend Jennifer simply held up her index and middle fingers together and waved them back and forth a couple times.

Then she grabbed his balls and squeezed and shook them viciously. A quick kick to the back of Brian Of course I said yes. Glancing over at her friend Cynthia she laughed at how the other woman wasenjoying the show. The woman's stepson literallyleaped to fetch a pack of cigarettes for his step Mommy. It was so strong the surface of the pool rippled with my cum.

Mommy was humping a man on the couch when I got home from school. I was just pressing my crotch up against the stair railing and humping the metal pipe fast and hard. I could tell she was putting most of her weight on her hands. And Mom leaned back so less of her weight was on his neck. It mist be true because Mommy fucks me all the time now. She just poked the end of her huge fake cock against the outside of my anus then shoved it in. She couldnt have forced it in that far though cause I could still scream. The two over sexed and overly cruel women seemed to feed off each other. But when I finally did look at my Mommy she didnt surprised she was preoccupied with her own coming sadistic pleasure. Amber started in on poking another needle under one of my fingernails. She liked to hear me scream but she didns been doing this kind of stuff to me for years. She thrust her hips forward violently and I screamed into my gag as dozen of sharp spikes ripped away at the inside on my ass hole. At me And started to pump her hips in a frenzy as she blew me a kiss and singing That got both of the cruel women laughing. Mom had gotten my balls in vise grip and was using my nuts to brace herself and get leverage to drive that evil dildo deep into my ass. Not that it mattered as far as the twenty five thousand Mom and Ms. What could he do, go to the cops and complain Mom would snuff her little boy for him? Mom and her friend had really worked me over a few weeks ago. And if snuffing me was the key to getting the old guy to open his bank accounts then Mom was happy to torture me to death. Mommy would be a few thousand dollars richer and sooo much happier after snuffing her boy. She kept one of those at home in her special sound proofed play room where she had her sessions with the endless stream of guys who came to our trailer. I could barely see across the room where they had Mr. Even my teeth hurt the pain was so extreme.d just taken out of my lip and tongue.

There are always cuffs and whips and dildos and clamps and other toys around when Mommy plays with a guy. So darlin, this is your chance to prove your worthy of a Mistress like me. Will you obey me totally the way you said you would in your last email? His mouth got so full of my hot stick jism it leaked out so I could feel the slimy goo running down my leg. I was so weak I kept sliding under whenever she let go of me.

Serving his Mommy like this seemed to excite theboy. I could see her looking down at me though the water. And stroking my penis and making me horny and hard and crazy with lust even though I couldnd punched me there so many times.

The tip of his stiff cock was starting to poke above the waistband of his tight little swim suit. She'd lost count ofthe times she wanted to slap her own son for his disrespectful behavior. The day before Mom sent me to Jimmyt been squeamish at all about the methods used to make Jimmy behave. And my cock almost hurt from getting jacked off for ten minutes at least.

His neck was a little flushed from where Mommy had just choked him so hard. So he just kind of stole glances at me and shuddered every once in a while when he looked at me. I knew she made me watch her fuck this gut then made me suck her pussy clean to make a point with her latest subbie. Because things went real dark and then all of a sudden I was awake again and Mommy wasns the crazy thing. And I begged her to jack me off, to wrap her hand around my cock and make me shoot off. Mommy was still slowly working that nasty dildo in and out of my ass while she asked me all this. Amber was sitting on the bed smoking a cigarette and sipping at a beer. I caught all of it in my mouth and swallowed it even though it was really gross. She just let me feel the sharp end sitting there under my fingernail. Then in her calming Mommy voice she tried to soothe me in her own warped way. Or maybe it was from the three inch diameter cock Mommy had rammed up my butt. Theyd guide one of the upside down legs up my butt then let my weight pull my body down until that lovely metal pipe went all the way up my ass, through my stomach, pierced a lung and, if they got lucky, poked out my throat while I was still alive. Mommy made that crystal clear to me that day.d save burning my dick till last. And turn on that old freak Frank Parker Mommy laughed just before she put her hands around my throat and choked me till I gagged and finally passed out.

If a woman was willing to do use her son that way imagine what shes lesson would entail. She was done with sticking needles under by fingernails for now. Either way my head felt like it was going to explode.d be better to do it slower. So they could pierce me with needles or slice my balls open with a knife and pack my testicles with hot coals.