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I wrote it off to the mysteries of the female half of the species and let the matter drop.

One day, about two months after her study group began, she called me at work to tell me she had a flat tire.

About a year later, we found out that Kim couldn’t bear c***dren. She wears her wavy jet black hair just past shoulder length.

Weekend evenings we would eat out or catch a movie. Kim started going straight from teaching to the college to work with her study group, leaving me to scrounge dinner for myself. I just thought it was nice that she had sexy stuff like that and never really followed it up with her.

I also noticed that she started coming home showered. She also started getting real touchy about letting me play with her laptop.

She also stayed late at the gym on Tuesday and Thursday nights, not getting home until after eleven.

She might be small, but she works out like a fiend.