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It was the first place I stayed after my eldest son was born.

Tonight it looks the same as it did then: there’s the pale blue patterned arm chair where I learned to nurse.

I will tell my daughter about a recent time when Dadima stayed with us, in our home in California: Dadima and I were sitting in the playroom rocking chairs, side by side. ” For a moment, I felt the familiar tension in my neck—I remembered how she used to ask me so many questions after Jesse was born, questions I couldn’t begin to answer. And just imagine in India—the neighbors would come to the door, giving advice.

It’s assumed—sometimes falsely—that she wants space. Later, she told me the isolation made her depressed.She is the receipient of the 2007 Melinda Helfer Fairy Godmother Award.By Mary Anne Williams At thirty weeks pregnant, my daughter’s rhythm against my drumtight belly is strong enough to wake me now. Tonight, however, I hear the heavy footsteps of my Indian mother-in-law above me; I am in the basement of her home in Portland, Oregon. I hear water boiling and can picture how Dadima slits cardamom pods with her fingernail, crushes cloves, and adds the spices to Red Rose teabags before pouring in the steaming water.Pamela Regis has written a book of literary criticism analyzing and defending the romance novel in English, from the 18th century forward.She also discusses earlier models, such as Greek New Comedy ...