Hardison and parker dating

”“Alec…the room looks like a greenhouse threw up all over it, what’s with all the flowers?

“We don’t celebrate much of anything outside of Christmas,” he started, voice low but warm in your ear as you fought the blush rising on your cheeks, “but we are showing our appreciation to our favorite people this month, which has you and Parker at the top of the list.” The blush won out, coloring your face, as you laced your fingers with his, turning around to press a kiss to his rough cheek, smiling shyly.

Turns out, it was another cast member who had his heart.

For those, like me, who didn’t know and need receipts, here they are. As much as that could have been sticky, they were so in love with each, it was never an issue.

Many of us watched the show and remember the undeniable chemistry between Dwayne and Whitley.

So we were completely preoccupied with whether or not they were dating in real life.

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In a way, explains Hodge: “Well, he’s gotta be a little bit more of a man now. I mean, he’s always been a man, but now he’s figuring himself out, in a relationship with a lady.

…We definitely want to make sure that the audience understands this is not the average couple.

They’re fun and very different, their problems are very different, but regardless, they’re going to be a happy couple.

“Well, just wait til I show you guys my appreciation for all three of you.” You paused, before pulling back and looking over at Hardison and Parker.

“And no, that was not necessarily completely sexual.