Secretly dating a friend

I told both of them about how this made me feel.....betrayed, since they both know how I've felt about me getting together with her, and inferior, since he was attempting to go where I wasn't able to, but they both insisted they were only hanging out as friends, the same way I hang out with either of them, and that I should just relax.

They both promised me that this wasn't going to lead to anything more.

*About a year ago, I moved back to my hometown from a couple years living far away.

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After my last birthday party, I found out that they exchanged screen names with each other.

I'd like to believe that what I heard isn't true, but I'd be surprised to hear that both of these people would lie to me like that about this. Should I just sit back and let them both keep lying to me..wait until they get too guilty and tell the truth? Dude, you need to quit being selfish and think about some one els's happiness. I know it hurts on the inside; but really, it's not their fault.

If you truely think of these people as friends, you should be happy at the fact that these two might find happiness together. I don't think its that fusoya is being selfish and caring only about himself.

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