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Bangkok is the starting point for many backpacking adventures and there are some great, chilled hostels to check out.Uber is hand’s down the best way to get around cities, the price is locked in on the app so you can’t get ripped off and it will always work out cheaper than travelling by taxi or rickshaw.Click here and your first three rides are discounted (plus my next ride will be too – cheers! If you are super stoked by the prospect of riding in a tuk tuk, go for it but be sure to negotiate a price before you get in Keep an eye on your shit when in a .Tinder is awfully common in Bangkok but more as a hookup app than a dating app.If you are a white lad rocking up into South East Asia for the first time, you’re in for a treat as you will suddenly be about ten times more attractive to the local girls than you are back home.