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The first step is to do an AUTHORIZATION against your bank account to ensure you have sufficient balance.

If this step is successful, the system validates the card information (card number, CVV, and zip code).

Gift cards can then be used to shop online or in stores, anywhere Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Credit and Debit etc are accepted.

Users can purchase Gift Cards for Instant Delivery via email or 24 hour Free Shipping!

In order to operate the toll stations efficiently, the toll road operators have outsourced the task of collecting payments from foreign vehicles to EPC, which specializes in cross-border payments and debt Collection.

It is a THAT POINT that funds are withdrawn from your account.If you don’t register, the invoice will be sent to the rental / leasing company.The company may add administration fees to cover their cost of handling the invoice and collecting the amount from the renter / lessee. Registering for an EPC account will normally reduce the time from your journey(s) to you receive your invoice.In rare cases it may be that a payment point you have passed is not registered by our system.If the invoice from EPC is just for the road toll, it has to be paid (using the payment methods on the invoice).