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For a moment I thought it was you, but then I remembered you'd lost weight since… But before I begin, let me state that I don't like Miley Cyrus. Anyway, it struck me unusual that I had a rather kinky dream about her last night. Especially so since I really never give her any mind to start with.

So when I awoke, I got a bit curious, so did a search, and found she just did a video that was a bit bondage themed. For you to show what a whack job you are who keeps saying the same things over and over? Mine is only that there seems to be a glut of high grades.

Especially now that Nuwest/Leda is "out of games" I think Mood Pictures have the right intensity and the right victims for a whipping video, and when they will add a tough and rebellious woman who stand and (try to) resist the whipping challenging against the whipper in the right environment and plot well ... But this is only something for me and my tastes, because I think they are already almost perfect in their job :) Having and building up a site that makes whipping videos with such quality is just my dream, I'm a real life whipper doing real life whippings, and mixing my passion with a job it would be simply amazing ... Let me introduce you to the concept of “percentages”.

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Just do a search of the Guestbook Archives and you'll see several past discussions.That's like saying Uwe Boll is a master of modern cinema. Unfairly insinuating that A Canadian is an EZ-A prof like yourself is just kicking up dust, Hoss.Let's see another 50 reviews and then we'll judge whether you can stifle the urge to indulge your targets. that cane tossing gent in your picture looks vaguely familiar. It can't be A Canadian, as no Canadian would be caught in public looking like a fat slob tossing Something kinda unusual I wanted to share.Some have come close, particularly a film like Attackers JB-79, for instance, which I didn't review officially, but if I had, it would likely come very close in my book.I'm not opposed to giving out that grade; I just haven't done it so far.