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It also allows me to provide updates to them easily and allows for easier localization.

If you do want to change one of the default actions, you can select any action and “clone” it by using the hover/side menu for the add button (depending on Flagfox version).

Each addon’s installation file and storage folder is simply named using the addon’s ID.

Flagfox 5.2 on Firefox 52 stores its settings via the Web Extension storage system, which saves all data under the “browser-extension-data” folder.

Flagfox respects users’ privacy and makes a point to not do that.

(see the Flagfox privacy policy) Each action is its own site; we certainly don’t run them all, just Geotool.

Old addons have a completely random GUID inside curly braces.

(Addon IDs are by definition permanent and can never be changed.) Flagfox has the lovely old-style ID of (usually the only one starting with 101).