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a chaos, a cauldron of seething excitations." 28Freud’s legacy is a modern patriarchal narrative which coalesces into a unified theory - the transition from primitive to civilised; child into adult, infantile bi-sexuality to adult gendered heterosexual normalcy.While Freud has at the base of his theory the natural foundation of animal instincts, the bulk of his work focussed upon the psychic forces of the human mind or libidinal drives.The pervert, child masturbator, homosexual, hysteric, prostitute, primitive and nymphomaniac, all emerged as distinctly classified sexual species possessing their own internal "secret" which had been revealed by the penetrating gaze of science.

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The Victorian bourgeois may have covered their piano legs out of modesty, but as an emergent social and political force they chose sexuality as the basis for delineating their identity from the aristocracy, peasants and emergent working classes. Toward the beginning of the eighteenth century, there emerged a political, economic, and technical incitement to talk about sex. This need to take sex ‘into account’, to pronounce a discourse on sex that would not derive from morality alone but from rationality as well, was sufficiently new that at first it wondered at itself and sought apologies for its own existence.

While his earliest scientific endeavours were founded upon a purely physiological understanding, Freud’s work would increasingly lead him toward formulating a theory of the mind encompassing and integrating the physiological, psycho-sexual and social dimensions.

Freud’s legacy to the twentieth century is to have brought sexuality into the social; the sexualisation of the social.

Freud and psychoanalysis provides a conceptualisation of how the "natural" materials of sexuality (instincts) are transformed into culture and individual psycho-sexuality.

From natural chaos to social order -; id to the super-ego.