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No pressure, but November seems to have been good to the couple so far.Swimsuit model and former Joe Jonas gal pal Juliana Herz has fled her Chelsea apartment, where she claims she was being harassed by a former doorman. high-rise where Herz lived, Strazzullo claims a former employee has hassled the top model verbally and electronically.The Costa Rican stunner, who was linked to the middle Jonas brother through the first half of 2016, has hired pit bull attorney Sal Strazzullo to get her out of her lease. He also tells us that the former doorman used personal contact information obtained from the building’s records to harass Herz.The “harassment has been sexual in nature” and has “occurred at all hours of the night,” Strazzullo says in the letter.Relationships come and go, but friendship is always there."If Williams doesn't end up being Turner's maid of honor it will be shocking.

There's no word yet on when Turner and Jonas will be walking down the aisle, but it's unlikely that Sansa Stark and Jon Snow will be having a double wedding — although that would be amazing.

Among the first to offer felicitations to the happy couple was brother Nick Jonas, who tweeted, “Congratulations to my brother… I love you both so much.” Also sharing congratulations were brother Kevin Jonas; his wife, Danielle Jonas; patriarch Kevin Jonas Sr.; and matriarch Denise Jonas.

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone.

"So Joe just got engaged to my really good friend Sophie Turner and I actually just saw them both for the first time since they got engaged," she said.

"I saw them together, and yeah, I'm like freaking out about it." When Smallzy asked if Hailee took credit for setting them up, she said, "Oh yeah!