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Some young people may combine school and work; others may test the labour market and then return to school.

Some may begin their families before leaving school and entering the labour market, while others may wait to marry and have children until after they have established a career.

During this period of transition, young people make a wide range of choices about where and with whom they live, how they will pursue their studies, what type of work they are interested in and whether or not they will get married and have children.

In recent years, social scientists have found that the transition to adulthood is taking longer to complete.

Ever in a conjugal union – is married, widowed, separated or divorced (i.e., ever married) or is currently in a common-law relationship.

In the text, this concept is referred to as "ever in a conjugal union".

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By Warren Clark Briefly: The young adult population What you should know about this study The pace of each transition is slower than in 1971 Women make transitions earlier than men Staying in school delays most transitions Women still leave home at a younger age than men More women but fewer men make a transition to full-year full-time work Conjugal unions delayed Most young adults now postpone parenthood Why are transitions delayed?

Not surprisingly, on average, 18-year-olds have made fewer transitions to adulthood than 34-year-olds (Chart 1).

Nevertheless, these indicators reflect key entry points to adult status and are therefore still useful in understanding the transition to adulthood.

The five markers of adult transition are: Left school – has not attended school, college or university either full-time or part-time during the nine-month period between September and May.

This article explores the transitions that young people make on their way to adulthood.

Using census data from 1971 to 2001, it documents how the timing of transitions has changed and been delayed.