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The 911 fire engines are not that old unlike other cities.

Police are not corrupt and very determined to serve, I have also observed that not much of them are fat *cough cebu cough manila cough other cities.

There are also soldiers with red wristbands (TF davao) roaming around the city with their dirt bikes.

I have also went around the hiked the vicinity of San Pedro Hospital at am for an hour, wearing some expensive clothing, bringing out my I phone and my audio technica headphones, In other cities, these hours are often known for street robbery, but nothing happened to me there in davao.

Foreigners dont have much to do there, go to mall, or sit in condo. I didn't visit to Davao but i know about Mayor Roderigo Duterte and as being Pakistani feeling my honor to say my president is Duterte, i wish one day i visit and meet to Sir Mayor Duterte in person.

There are places in Davao where white men better not to show up at night. And in future i wish to have my house thereand live there too.

Every tine i been there i never been harassed for anything and never overcharged in shops or taxis.Davao is the safest City in the Philippines all because the Mayor has the will to impose the law and punish crime.He can do that because he is not beholden to anybody.Ungene frydet seg og lekte hele dagen i shorts og t-shirt.Rengjøring av terrassen sto på agendaen med et håp og en bønn om at været holdt seg slik at vi kan jobbe ute med fotografering.