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") (or attorney-at-law) a lawyer (UK: barrister (England, Northern Ireland, Wales)/advocate (Scotland) or solicitor, depending on the actual profession) (District attorney, prosecuting attorney) local public official who represents the government in the prosecution of criminals (archaic in Br. for lawyer)in baseball, one of the three places a runner can stand in safety; hence in many fig.senses, off one's base (crazy), to get to first base (esp. constr., to get a first important result); more recently (slang), a metaphor for one of three different stages in making out (q.v.) – see baseball metaphors for sex; more s.v.a counter, stand or area at public entertainment venues where snacks or drinks are sold, often at inflated prices a concession stand(also condo) a type of joint ownership of real property (as an apartment building) in which portions of the property are commonly owned and other portions are individually owned; an apartment in a condominiuma small, flat baked cake *(UK usu. Occasionally used to indicate who is next in lower a vehicle headlight's beam, typically when approaching vehicles travelling in the opposite direction at night (US: dim); hence dip switch (distinguished from DIP switch) (US: dimmer switch) (n.) a pickpocket (slang)5 shilling coin or equivalent amount (obsolete; used in slang until the early 1970s, especially in "half-dollar"=half-crown, but some re-stamped Spanish dollar coins were used in the UK in the late 18th/early 19th century)a score of zero by a batsman in cricket, supposedly derived from the zero-like shape of a duck's egg.biscuit, q.v.) fellow, guy *("a tough cookie"); also, an attractive girl * (that's the way the cookie crumbles) that's how things go (to toss one's cookies) to vomit (cookie-cutter) trite, banal a cook or Culinary Specialist (Army and Navy slang)small enclosed bedstead for a child; hence crib death (UK: cot) (informal) one's house or apartment a bin for storing maize a structure of logs to be anchored with stones; used for docks, dams, etc. Canada) a small raft of timber(n.) the floor or level of a ship or other types of vehicles the roadway of a bridge a recording device (v.) to decorate for a festivity ("deck the halls with boughs of holly", "decked out with flags") to hit a person hard enough such that they fall to the floor (orig. Hence to "break one's duck": to score one's first run. US: "get the monkey off one's back" a term of endearment US colloq. of "to fancy" is "to like" something or someone (or regarding tastes and preferences, "to love"); "fancy" as a verb is now used in the US almost solely by UK ex-pats, but was once oft-used by Southern gentility (landed gentry)fender (vehicle): the part of an automobile, motorcycle or other vehicle body that frames a wheel well (UK: mudguard or wing) a frame fitted in front of a vehicle (locomotive or automobile) to absorb shock (UK: bumper – see Bumper (automobile))bottle of spirits ("a fifth of bourbon"), traditionally 1/5 of a US gallon, now the metric near-equivalent of 750 m L to "plead the Fifth (Amendment)", i.e."I am going to kick his ass" or, more positively, something that beat (did better than) everything else, e.g."The opening band was kick-ass." (vulgar) someone acting inappropriately or offensively ("That guy was an ass!for parking ("parking lot") or selling ("used car lot") automotive vehicles.But also a "vacant lot" a film studio(n.) timber that has been sawed and (partly) prepared for construction or woodworking; hence lumberyard (UK: timberyard), lumber camp, lumberjack, lumberman, lumber wagon, lumber town, etc.

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(v.) to log and prepare timber to make a rolling sound (dated)Note: the below are general references on this topic.

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US) a pack of cardsa wooden, raised platform adjoining a house, usu. refuse to testify against oneself in an incriminating manner ceremonial aircraft flight (UK: flypast) an elongated left-turn ramp passing over or under the whole highway interchange Flyover country is a term for (unsophisticated, poor, rural) middle America, as distinct from the 'coasts'.) parcel of land, specifically one sixteenth of a section, constituting the smallest unit of agricultural land commonly surveyed ("back 40", "front 40").

enclosed by a railing a packet of narcotics (slang) (v.) to pile up (logs) on a deck of logs or a skidway (on deck) in baseball, the hitter due up next ("Albert is on deck, so they must be careful to not walk this batter."). an undeveloped plot of land (as on a farm, ranch, etc.) of unspecified size.