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It’s a shady partnership that both Gupta and CNN have inadequately failed to address. Yet another roundtable show of dissenting opinions, The Doctors was produced by Mc Graw and his son and functioned as a spinoff of Dr. Its lineage damned the show from the start, though it still stands as one of the few medical-related shows to include a healthy body of diversity. Lisa Masterson, whose rants against douching got a lot of attention, was one of the few female doctors of color on television. Travis Stork originally appeared on the dating reality show’s eighth season before taking spokesman deals with Crest, further calling his credibility into question.But it’s cosmetic surgery that’s done the most explicit harm to The Doctors' already shoddy reputation. William Groff, a La Jolla-based cosmetic dermatologist, was on the receiving end of a lawsuit claiming a man’s unwanted appearance on the show.I loved how you always had to be on your game, how at any moment, anything could happen — and it does!And I love having to know a little bit about everything.

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Gardasil’s parent company, Merck, has a stake in CNN by way of Gupta’s own Accent Health, which he co-hosts. Phil, seeing Oprah’s success in launching and boosting the television career of medical professionals, delved into the practice himself when he helped launch The Doctors in 2008.

Then you have a heart attack, and that’s when you end up in the emergency department.

And I’ll come in and patients will say to me, “Doc, I wish I had changed years ago,” because they feel like at that point it’s too late.

Emergency medicine is such a unique profession and there’s nothing I will ever do in my life that is as difficult as being a good ER doc.

You go into emergency medicine and your expectation is gunshot victims, car accidents, but over time you realize that a lot of what you’re taking care of is not necessarily an accident, it’s a lifetime of bad decisions when it comes to our health.