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Advice to help you cope with, prepare for, and prevent a crisis is provided at Back to Top Mental illness in children and adolescents can have different symptoms and require different treatment than mental illness in adults, so it is advisable to seek out professionals who have expertise with children or adolescents.

Multiple aspects of mental illness in children and teenagers and treatment are discussed in video format at on Namipedia and then Mental Illness in Children and Teenagers).

You should be aware that, unfortunately, housing for low income individuals with mental illness is in very short supply and waiting lists are often a year or longer, so it is helpful to apply as early as possible. Information about online support groups is available at

NAMI affiliates can provide additional information about local social opportunities.

Night Exchange is where adults come to share their most intimate desires and have fantasy chat. and/or your County Office of Behavioral Health or Mental Health/Mental Retardation, which can probably direct you to mental health care services provided on a sliding scale basis.One approach that is often effective is LEAP, which stands for: Listen: understand what the other person is trying to convey; reflect back what you have heard, without your opinions and ideas; listen for common ground Empathize: empathize with how they feel about their symptoms and what has happened to them, without necessarily agreeing with everything they say Agree: find areas of agreement, including goals you both want, stay out of the hospital Partner: collaborate to work toward agreed upon goals For more information about LEAP, see the following resources: In some circumstances, when an individual is involved in a serious and potentially life-threatening psychiatric emergency or severe behavioral health crisis and is unwilling or unable to consent to treatment, state law authorizes court-ordered inpatient or outpatient mental health treatment without the individual’s consent. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If there is an immediate danger of physical harm, call 911. How can an adult with mental illness find social opportunities or a support group? How can a family member of someone with mental illness find information, resources, help and/or support? What can I do if my loved one with mental illness refuses treatment? What can I do if my loved one with mental illness has been arrested or is behaving in ways which may result in arrest?