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This client looks nearly identical to the previous version but has a few tweaks (most prominently a Lync Server branded background).Secondly there is a brand new Lync Phone Edition client which only runs on the new Aries family devices: the Polycom CX500, CX600, CX3000 and Aastra 6721ip, 6725ip.Do study everything in detail and practice is must for these topics.By default an installation of Lync Server does not contain any pre-installed or pre-approved updates, this must be performed manually by an administrator.Also pay attention to any changes that may be present in the update such as disabling the UART login (/etc/inittab), not starting dropbear, etc…And we should modify the S31platform script and block the cloud addresses again as we did in the original root post.Also make sure we have our wifi configuration saved properly to the database (see original root post).

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GTID Replication BLOG POST My SQL Cluster is another My SQL High Availability solutions.Learn about Replication Utilities: For My SQL Cloud Service, I read cloud documents provided by Oracle and also did practice on Oracle My SQL Could server.These include My SQL implementation options, security, access from SSH, Backup -Restore on cloud container / local disk.Once we are booted into the updater image we can follow the example of the /root/platform/script to manually download and flash the updates.So far only the application rootfs has been updated and can be downloaded from: After they are in place, we will need to root again using the same process outlined above (except we are working with /dev/mtd5 now).