Singer sewing dating serial

The Singer Company started production of the Model 15 in 1879, and the early versions have a fiddle shaped base.

In 1895 a mechanically and cosmetically an improved version was introduced and although improvements have been made the Singer 15 was still being produced in 1997.

The 222K is a Free Arm machine the casing detaches revealing the arm thus making it a truly versatile machine.

The main castings are Aluminum and without all it's paraphernalia weighs about 12 lbs.

Serial numbers of machines built at Anderson in the 1950’s and 60’s started with the prefix NA, NB or NC.

The parts for these machines were mostly manufactured at the Elizabethport factory and shipped to Anderson for assembly.

This pattern was not available in Europe instead the Lotus pattern was used for machines made at the Singer's Kilbowie factory.

Determine the manufacture date of a Singer sewing machine using the serial number by searching "machine serial numbers" on Singer's website.

Open the first link from the search results, and then click on the link that corresponds with the serial number prefix.

The Singer Model 66 is very common in Great Britain.

The Model 99 is a smaller version of the Model 66 and was supposed to be more portable.