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With our digest, we’ll send you an AM email with what is overdue and due today, and an evening digest recapping the day and what’s in store for the week. Not only do we integrate with Quickbooks Online and have a client list spreadsheet importer, but we’ll do you one better!Email support your client and we’ll set it up for free, even if it’s during your free trial period.Stellar hands on customer support: Mediaportal also comes with by far the most comprehensive support in the industry, with a client service team dedicated to your account that knows your issues and lives and breathes your news.This easy-to-use media intelligence platform can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, making it the ideal solution for any professional in the Asian communications our premiere robust software designed to managing every aspect of media and communications.With 3 modules coordinated on a single dashboard, you can distribute, monitor, track and analyze all of your media efforts with just a few clicks.The data industry makes billions of dollars from collecting data about who we are and what we are interested in by tracking the websites we access every day.Trackography is an project of Tactical Tech that aims to increase transparency about the online data industry by illustrating who tracks us online and where our data travels to when we access websites.

can be equally problematic and can raise concerns for societies at large.To this end it is important to understand the broader data ecology, especially about who collects data, how and what is done with it.Trackography was developed to: By detecting the specific companies which track our online activity and the geographical location of servers that our data travels to when we access websites, we hope to contribute to the discussion on unseen and unconsented data collection and on the politics of data.Such data can include our IP address, type of computer or mobile phone, operating system and the plugins we have installed, as well as data about our online behaviour, such as the websites we visit, where and for how long our mouse lingers on a page and what we search for.Data about our device and online behaviour enables companies to link our likes and interests directly to us and to create profiles about us, which are then subsequently sold to advertisers. Online tracking is part of a larger industry which makes a profit out of our data.