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Photo Credit & Related Story: Melancholicus I am wet through, relentless rain lashes down My dampening features take on a sad frown Murky clouds are emptying themselves away Flooding earth below, making a miserable day I trudge silently towards home, slowly soaking My body is splattered, coldly fuming, dripping My black raincoat is on, the umbrella held high Puddles underneath my feet splash as I walk by Perhaps tomorrow the sun will shine in the sky To dry my mood, to introduce a contented sigh "I can hear the curlew passing overhead. But, my friend, this road is well trod and he, whoever he was, who first passed this way, deserves the salute of the nation. I would like the three Marys of illustrious renown to be with us. Our deeds of last week are the most splendid in Ireland’s history.I am but a mere follower and I must say Oiche Mhaith.'* Bobby Sands *Oiche Mhaith - Good Night Photo Credit: Peregrine's Bird Photography "Nowadays we are all of us so hard up that the only pleasant things to pay are compliments. I would like the friends of Heaven to be gathered around us from all parts. People will say hard things of us now, but we shall be remembered by posterity and blessed by unborn generations.Now like the old Irish minstrel, I have hung up my harp because my songs are all sung.John Mc Cormack June 1884 – September 1945 “I do not believe that a child can be reformed by lock and key and bars, or that fear can ever develop a child’s character.” Father Edward J. Roscommon on July 13, 1886 and founded Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska in 1921.A special offer for Irish Culture and Customs visitors: 10% discount on all products!

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A Mother's Love Is A Blessing An Irish boy was leaving Leaving his native home Crossing the broad Atlantic Once more he wished to roam And as he was leaving his mother Who was standing on the quay She threw her arms around his waist And this to him did say A mother's love's a blessing No matter where you roam Keep her while she's living You'll miss her when she's gone Love her as in childhood Though feeble, old and grey For you'll never miss a mother's love Till she's buried beneath the clay.It is also said that he dreamed of a beautiful maiden, named Caer, for whom he searched all over Ireland.Eventually, he found her chained to 150 other maidens, destined to become swans at the time of Samhain.This irresistible book gives a captivating insight into the heritage, memories, and monuments that have shaped each county in Ireland, searching out their secrets and unearthing their hidden gems. Experience the next best thing with Irish Incense, the peaceful, nostalgic scent that will transport you back in time and place.The perfect gift for Christmas or any other occasion, order now.