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Cayden James discovers a secret about the Green Arrow that pushes him over the edge.Knowing everyone and everything he loves is in danger, Oliver must decide if he can do this alone or if he needs to turn to his old teammates for help. Luke discovers Holden sleepwalking, and helps him unearth a new clue into what is happening with the Realm.April is in charge of the new Grey Sloan Surgical Innovation Contest, and the doctors are eager to start their projects.Meanwhile, Catherines old friend has a shocking idea for Catherine and Jackson; and Meredith treats a returning patient who inspires her project.Meanwhile, Charlie and Holden have a strange reunion, and Diego makes his way towards Ft. Erin is over the moon when she manages, through dubious means, to secure herself the position of Editor of the school magazine, The Habit. Orlas become obsessed by Step Aerobics, and Da Gerrys in trouble with Ma Mary for losing the docket for the photos from her birthday party.Elsewhere theres romance on the horizon for Aunt Sarah...As Cristal struggles with Blakes unorthodox moral compass, she finds herself in a gray area of her own.

Matilda tries to convince PC Graves that Carys must have been kept in the basement of Dean House.On Valentines Day, a surprise marriage proposal goes awry with dangerous consequences.Athena attempts to help a desperate woman and unintentionally joins the Lonely Hearts Club.Graves is dismissive due to the lack of evidence, but after she leaves she cant help wondering whether theres something to her story.Matilda spots a hooded man watching her from the edge of the woods surrounding Dean House and tries to figure out his identity.