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Since marrying the bitch (Veronica in case anyone could ever forget), he worked with his father-in-law.His job was a combination of sales representative, factory worker, and all around gopher to the domineering old fart. His perfect little jewel – Veronica – was born late in his life and an only child.Aaron quickly discovers that various illegal enterprises present him an opportunity for acquiring stock (women), cash, and other enticements too good to pass up.

Ralph Morton had plodded along for years outside Detroit with his labeling and cardboard box business.

Aaron had been in a failing marriage and stuck in a dead-end job with his overbearing father-in-law.

A chance meeting with a friend from his military days, Steve Austin, brought Aaron an offer he couldn't refuse.

Aaron and Veronica have no chance of reconciliation.

Their divorce will be final in another six months or so.

Liquidating damages law north carolina