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Visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or Help With My Bank.gov, a site maintained by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, for answers to frequently-asked questions on topics like bank accounts, deposit insurance, credit cards, consumer loans, insurance, mortgages, identity theft, and safe deposit boxes, and for other information about federal agencies that have responsibility for financial institutions.cards that look like they were designed for 14 year old girls.And, depending on the interest rate of the loan you qualify for, it could mean the difference between hundreds and even thousands of dollars in savings.A good credit score could also mean that you are able to rent the apartment you want, or even get cell phone service that you need.Rather, your score is generated each time a lender requests it, according to the credit scoring model of their choice.Every time you set a major financial goal, like becoming a homeowner or getting a new car, your credit is likely to be a part of that financing picture.Credit scores are also sometimes called risk scores, because they help lenders assess the risk that you won’t be able to repay the debt as agreed.Having good credit is important, because it determines whether you’ll qualify for a loan.

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Scores by Vantage Score are also types of credit scores that are commonly used by lenders.This can hurt many married, separated, divorced, and widowed women.Typically, there are two reasons women don’t have credit histories in their own names: either they lost their credit histories when they married and changed their names, or creditors reported accounts shared by married couples in the husband’s name only.Here’s a brief summary of the basic provisions of the ECOA.A good credit history — a record of your bill payments — often is necessary to get credit.