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56% of Muslim girls and women support FGM while only 22% Copts support it.

Coptic boys and men are, too, ahead in their support for the discontinuation of FGM when compared to Muslim boys and men, all aged 15-49 years: Only 20% of Coptic boys and men support FGM while 60% Muslim boys and men support it.

because others who matter to them have their daughters cut; and b.

and because they believe that others who matter to them think they should have their daughters cut.

The statistically significant positive relationship between Islam and FGM is given in his title.

******* Question: What’s the relationship between Islam and Female Genital Mutilation?

Just to check out Reza Aslan’s claim that female genital mutilation (FGM) was an African rather than an Islamic problem, Curry did a preliminary statistical analysis.

Maher has argued that FGM is an Islamic problem, pointing out that: “91 percent of Egyptian women have had their clitorises forcibly removed. You can’t tell on the basis of these cherry-picked examples, as you have to look at all of the data. These data [JAC: presented as a plot below] clearly show that there is a large significant positive correlation between the percentage of women subject to FGM, and the prevalence of Islam.The relationship between Islam and female genital mutilation Dr.Oliver Scott Curry works on the evolution of morality at the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford.Pendant qu’après nos boutiques de prêt-à-porter, c’est au tour de nos grandes écoles d’initier nos jeunes filles au port ludique du voile alors qu’à Genevilliers on célèbre à sa manière la journée de la jupe …Et sans parler de l’apologie, par nos propres médecins et au nom du respect des différences culturelles, des « excisions minimalistes » (pardon: de l' »altération génitale« ) … Hormis peut-être quelques esprits mal tournés à la Bill Maher ou Charlie hebdo …