Christian books about dating for girls worst dating experience

Most churches are not awash with young eligible men. There’s a cost to staying and contributing to the gospel work of smaller churches.

This is a context within which there’s increased temptation and opportunity for inappropriate sexual activity. ‘Mixed’ marriages are fraught with difficulties At the start of their married lives few people are able to look into the future and predict the problems that will arise.

It’ll mean that every bloke feels like he’s walked in on a church that caters for women but not men.

It’ll mean that we don’t prioritise men’s discipleship and give this the resources and attention that it needs.

The statistics of male to female proportions in local churches make depressing reading. One of the ways in which we can show love to those who struggle with this is to support and encourage male evangelism.

There are better reasons for male evangelism than providing blokes for our sisters in Christ to marry. There can be times when the emphasis given to male activities or male evangelism in our congregations is unwelcome. It sounds counter intuitive but when there are so many women in church to be catered for, we actually need more male orientated activities. If we keep shaping the church programme to accommodate the girls we need to know what that’ll mean.