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Unfortunately for Tuitt, one student didn’t listen and informed investigators what he had seen, even describing the color of the liquid inside the bottle Tuitt held to his pants.

In the end, Tuitt’s tenure was revoked, and he was fired.

His research interests lie in the areas of classroom instruction and school learning, educational programs for economically-disadvantages children and youth, and affective assessment. Jacobs is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policies at the University of South Carolina.

Her research interests include addressing the needs of students in the instructional process, the use and impact of technology on instruction, and the role of the principal in instruction.

The horrified children informed their parents of Mr.Other reports claimed that on several occasions, Tuitt relieved himself in the classrooms trash can.Following Tuitt being placed on administrative leave, he was accused of sending “inappropriate, accusatory emails to parents.” Further investigation revealed in court documents that Tuitt would ask the second graders to close their eyes while he relieved himself.Moving from elementary to middle/junior high school or from middle/junior high to high school is difficult for most students and especially problematic for some.This chapter explores the reasons that these transitions are difficult, the kinds of students that have the greatest difficulty with transitions, and the process of disengagement from school that too often follows unsuccessful transitions.