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27-28, so I'm giving folks a week's notice to plan to visit the Mc Call area for a wonderful weekend of biking!Bring your SUPs or preferred watercraft and double-dip! JMR is hosting the first Idaho high school mountain bike race of the season on Saturday, the 27th called the Jug Jamboree. On Saturday, group rides include the Payette Rim Trail, an awesome ride close to town, East Fork of Lake Fork Trail, an excellent ride in a higher-elevation setting, a 10-mile ride on Mc Call Pathways and the North Valley Trail south of Mc Call with yours truly, and discounted lift tickets for mountain biking at Brundage Mountain.

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An electronic copy of the report form can be downloaded here.Drive through breathtaking countryside trails and hilly regions in Idaho while feeling the powerful roar of a snowmobile.Intermountain Power Sport Rentals offers a tow-and-go program, which allows customers to take our rentals to their destination of choice without being constrained by a rental agency’s schedule.For more information, contact us today at (208) 467-6944 or request a reservation online.The extensive trails of Idaho’s backcountry lend themselves to exploration with a UTV or ATV rental.