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(Sometimes.) However, we make no guarantee that the helpful person answering your questions is an experienced SL4 poster, as opposed to someone who wandered in from a different chatroom and thinks the Singularity is a kind of fish.

The chat is always open and a dozen or more people are always there (usually more).

By using any of the services provided by, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions specified in this Terms of Use.

You may see a message that says "Checking Ident" that persists for around a minute before the chat connection goes through. (It isn't looking up your credit history or anything.) Note that sl4runs on the same machine as the Extropy Institute and several other organizations, whose chat rooms will also appear if you connect to "" as your IRC server.

Similarly, the #sl4 chat room will appear if you connect to "" as your IRC server.

These other organizations and their chat rooms are not affiliated with sl4or #sl4.

That being said, celebrity chatbots are doing surprisingly well.

For fans, they present a case of ‘something’s better than nothing’ and make them feel closer to the celebrities that they look up to.