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Here’s an example of a text message scam you may receive.

The sender may be listed as a full phone number, or as an SMS Short Code.

This particular example came from the SMS Short Code 707-65.

An SMS Short Code is an abbreviated number, or alias, used for SMS (text) messages.

Login to your AT&T wireless account, and click on your most recent bill.

Under the Bill Summary, browse down to each phone number, and click on the “ ” icon next to “Monthly Charges.” This will expand your monthly charges and show you the details you need to see in order to spot the fraudulent subscriptions, as illustrated below: Here you can see the line item AT&T Monthly Subscriptions towards the bottom.

Tour wireless provider should have a process in place to enable you to get reimbursed for SMS spam messages you receive.

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Adjust the date ranges and go back in time to make sure there aren’t any subscription charges you missed.

Charges will now be disabled by default, and a customer will have to specifically opt in to get charged.

While calling in to report your existing unsolicited monthly mobile subscriptions, there’s a couple things you can do to prevent monthly test message scam charges from recurring.

As you’ll see in the description, you can visit to learn all about mobile purchases and how they work.

To actually cancel and dispute these charges, either call AT&T or visit this page: