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Kent, who described the current approach as a more rigourous "suspend first and inquire later." The report shows that two specific years were pivotal to Scouts Canada's approach to sex abuse claims.In 1992, the rules changed to require that such allegations be reported to police.The seven, five women and two men, were arrested in suburbs in Sydney’s west and in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, 80km west of the city, on Monday and were being held without bail, police said.

And in 2001, Scouts Canada evolved from a largely decentralized organization.Police, announcing kidnap, sexual assault, child pornography and common assault charges, said the accused acted as a group, knew the boys and abused them between 20.A court order suppressing details of the case was lifted on Thursday.The review identified findings in five specific areas: records management, governance, contact with authorities, suspensions and terminations, and other observations."I think Canadians can take comfort in the fact we're confronting the past," said Mr.