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Spam bots have added me on Skype before and I've occasionally tested out how they respond to certain things. Just an unpolished diamond forced into scamming by his environment!Usually nothing interesting but if you mention calling the police they say this (copied from a log):"hahaha! "Running these scams doesn't require any kind of above average intelligence or rhetorical and technological skills.

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I can't count the number of times men made crude comments to my gf.And that is fine with me, it's a tourist city and you would find similar cities around the world.I personally tend to avoid Marrakesh and Casablanca.I understand how what I said might offend you, but I clearly said It was more related to poverty and tourism than Islam and that my experience of Fez was completely different, so I wasn't generalizing about Muslims or Morrocans.But I stand by what I said: Marrakech, particularly the Medina is occupied by scam artists, thieves, thugs, and scum of every stripe.