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He literally knew it all from the ground up, Great sense of humor, could give as well as he could take. On a personal level, Kenny was as genuine as they come; if you look up the word "authentic" in the dictionary, you will find Kenny's picture with his trademark smile.

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He was always a gentleman, always sweet and ready to smile and laugh at any opportunity. May God give you all peace and comfort during this difficult time.

When thinking of Keven, there are so many events over the years I shall never forget.

A talented musician and always loved to hear him play.

I can still see him in the middle of the football field during a half-time show doing a trumpet solo. Your love and support have led us to great accomplishments. Jeff Jackson God blessed the Geye family when Kyle and Ruth moved to Granbury to teach.

Bob and Judy, you have been like parents to us and we are blessed to have had you in our lives. Love, Blerta, Valon, Renita and Inara Kevin is one of the most amazing and fantastic trumpet players I have ever heard, no doubt, the very best, legendary,but more than that, he is a amazing soul, you will never be forgotten, love you my friend!